Regarding Sexual assault

And if you have not seen the sexual assault, there is a good possibility that you meet someone else who has. According to statistics, seven out of every ten women in India are sexually abused by anyone. It is also a sad reality that a large majority of such abuse occurs inside the family or is attempted by associates.

It\’s difficult to imagine that someone you\’ve come to rely on has sexually abused you or someone close to you. This could not only cause extreme discomfort, but it could also instill guilt in the victim\’s head. The offender may be anybody, including your brother, uncle, cousin, or even your boss.

To combat this bullying, every single girl on the planet must first learn what sexual assault is and then crack the stigma against these toxic people to make them know that women are not vulnerable.


What Exactly Does The Word Imply?

Sexual assault is not compulsory rape; it can include actions and movements designed to insult or harm you. Harassment is often directed at a person\’s body parts, appearance, or sexual behaviour.

When someone attempts to make derogatory remarks regarding your facial image or body parts, the violence becomes verbal, and it becomes physical when someone tries to touch you against your consent.


Recognize Their Behavior

If it\’s their words or jokes, the way they speak, or the way they smile at you, any behavior that makes you feel insecure is sexual assault.

Touching, dragging, pinching, and attempting to embrace are a couple more forms these individuals annoy others. These are some of the more traditional habits of a so-called relative or family member who simply wishes to satisfy his sexual fantasies and prioritizes his sexual needs above all other essential relationships.

Females were often unable to speak out about sexual assault owing to societal fear or fear of being mistaken.

Some people are too shy to say to the world what they are going through, and perhaps that is even due to fear of other family members that she already thinks may not understand. There are some of the explanations that most people carry this stigma and choose to tolerate sexual harassment without doing something. But the truth is that this is your reality, and you must explain what is wrong with you. Be courageous enough to take a stance for yourself and, fundamentally, for humanity, and condemn everything that you believe is going wrong.


How To Fight Back

Opposing sexual assault is difficult, particularly when you discover the perpetrator is a member of your own family. And if you are threatened for the first few days, you would continue to persuade yourself that it is not real or that you have misunderstood the situation. However, this is not how you believe. Start to listen to your inner spirit, and try to realize what has broken you any time you have been attacked. Do not deny your soul\’s cries, please respond immediately.

If the individual tries to approach you or otherwise looks at you with the wrong motive, attempt to reassure them gently that you do not like this behaviour and that you do not feel safe. If things don\’t improve, be stricter, face him in the eyes, and tell him how you feel. Be positive when making the arguments and they can want to cut them or show you wrong. Tell him that you will not be scared and that you will reveal his identity to the rest of the country. Remember, before engaging in this direct contact, including any of your dearest friends in the matter, call them, and keep the phone call alive in the discussion.

Try justifying what happened to your other family members, and be very sure about your arguments. Finally, if conditions do not improve, get professional counsel.

A woman needs to educate the public about her experiences and this is the best way to make life a happier place to live.


A Letter To The Victim\’s Relatives and Friends

Recovering from and coping with sexual abuse necessitates a great deal of help, time, and courage. Family and friends may play an important part in a victim\’s recovery from emotional trauma.

Only you can appreciate what your precious one has gone through, and only you can help her feel at ease. Your love and kindness will help her return to a comfortable life as quickly as possible.

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