Relationship Without Emotions Do Not Function.

Relationships that are devoid of emotion do not function. It\’s like dealing with a robot while you\’re in a friendship with someone that doesn\’t express their feelings. When you are going through a difficult period and they see you upset, they do not provide words of consolation or a hug. When you\’re sick, they won\’t go buy you soup; instead, they\’ll ask when you\’ll be getting stronger so you can do their washing.

In emotionless marriages, romantic expressions and flowery sentimental language do not occur. You should disregard all of that. It is almost difficult, if not impossible, to get them to transform their feelings to full force, no matter how hard you try. It is very unlikely for them to gradually open up. If you\’ve been around them for a long time, you\’ll notice that what you see is what you receive. You might be waiting to see a new side of them one day. That is unlikely to happen. You may be on your deathbed and yet not get the emotional reaction you desired. It\’s not a question of time or policy. It would not include getting married, raising children, or becoming older. Any individual is simply incapable of expressing love, sympathy, and emotional assistance.

You should inquire into their trouble communicating their feelings. You might inform them that you do not want to be a part of emotionless partnerships. You may inform them exactly what you require from them. You would be met with a blank look in response. Or they\’ll tell you they have no idea what you\’re talking about. Alternatively, they will inform you why you are overly needy or clingy. Alternatively, they would advise you to consider being a drama queen. When the emotionless intimacy dilemma is brought up, these are the usual answers. If you\’ve been to one, I\’m sure you\’ve seen a lot.

This is not the kind of individual to get involved with whether you want a friendship where you cuddle on the sofa or kiss each other farewell or when you come through the room. When you want to be romantic, they will dismiss you as though they are uncomfortable. Rage is the only emotion that these individuals are capable of displaying. They may and sometimes do become enraged. What are the lighter emotions? Are you nurturing, compassionate, gentle, or kind? No way.

Your friendship could not have begun emotionally neutral. When you first began dating, they may have been the most loving, wonderful, and lovable creatures on the planet. They had transformed into Spock, the Vulcan from Star Trek. What triggered it? Marriage may be an option. It might be kids. That might be a psychological accident or something else.

Some demonstrate their robotic lack of emotions straight away. They offer a difficulty that some people like. They would be the ones to break through to their cores. If they only wait long enough, the floodgates to their feelings will inevitably burst. That\’s a big bet since it happens so infrequently.

Emotionless marriages do not function. After expressing their emotions, the pair drifts away until they are practically strangers. Since there is no attachment, affection, or declaration of passion, the partnership devolves into a farce. It then hits a breaking point and comes to an end. Don\’t be tempted to bet it all on someone who is emotionally devoid. Relationships need emotional expression to survive, which is why emotionless relationships are uncommon.

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