Is it Better to be in a Relationship Someday or Right Now?

Many people plan their lives around the idea of being in a relationship someday rather than right now. It\’s a strange idea that I\’ve seen several times before. Someone has a crush on oxandrolone gains someone they want to date in the future. They are unable to be in a relationship with this person today for whatever reason, but they hope that they will or will be in the future.

There\’s nothing wrong with dreaming, but you shouldn\’t live your life in anticipation of a future that may or may not arrive. I\’ve seen far too many women devote too much time and attention to a man who is simply trying to live his own life. They may be friends or coworkers, and there may be a romantic relationship between them, but it is not exclusive.

He may also be in a committed relationship or out on the field. The woman, on the other hand, believes that this is the man with whom she will one day be in a relationship, so she remains single. It\’s a concern that she\’s shutting herself off from any potential relationships right now. I\’ve spoken to women in similar circumstances who believe they can\’t date anyone else because it would feel like cheating! How do you cheat on someone with whom you are not even dating?

When a woman builds a dream universe based on their current belief that they will one day be with this person, she is no longer living in reality. She is living in a dream house when he is away exploring his. In certain instances, the man is completely unaware that this woman is interested in him. He may think they\’re just friends or acquaintances, and he has no idea about her crush on him. If he found out, he will most likely be shocked.

She might be wasting time assisting him while she could be assisting herself. She might be squandering money she shouldn\’t be spending on him in order to impress him and win his approval. She could also devise ways for them to stay in touch on a regular basis so they don\’t lose touch. Is this good for you? No, it\’s not. It\’s perfectly fine to have a crush on someone who isn\’t available right now for some reason. What isn\’t fine is when, instead of being placed on the back burner for the time being, they are thrust into the spotlight, where they don\’t belong.

Why devote so much time, emotion, and commitment to something that may or may not occur in the future? Isn\’t that similar to purchasing wallpaper for a home you could one day own? It is, and it is the incorrect action to take. Some women are so fixated on these someday relationships that they waste years with a man who doesn\’t give a damn about them. Consider this: if they really wanted to be with you today, why aren\’t they? Is there something they\’ve done to encourage you to pursue a romantic relationship with them, or is it all one-sided?

Would they stay in contact if it weren\’t for you seeking reasons to communicate? If they aren\’t making any efforts (regardless of what they say) to be in a relationship with you in the future, it might be time for you to wake up from your daydreams and return to reality.

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