How to Handle Real-Life Mean Girls

Wow, you say girls. What would it be like if they didn\’t exist? Perhaps less frustrating and a lot more enjoyable? Unfortunately, for many women, it is difficult to picture life without mean children. And if that\’s the case, please accept our heartfelt apologies!

But this isn\’t a post designed to make you feel guilty or keep you feeling like a suspect. That is no longer the case. Instead, this article is ideal if you want to learn how to cope with real-life mean girls so they no longer destroy your life.


What exactly is a mean girl?

If you\’ve ever had to contend with real-life mean girls, you realise that they don\’t go anywhere when you\’re a kid. They appear at work, in your home, at school, at the playground, or as the parents of your child\’s best friend. Isn\’t it a good time?

So what precisely are bad girls? You may think that\’s a dumb question and you think you know the solution based on all the mean girls you\’ve met.

But first, let\’s define what a mean girl is. Why is this so? It vastly improves the ability to work with them in actual life.

So, although this may seem to be an oversimplification, mean girls are simply self-conscious girls. As a result, their primary aim in life is to make other girls feel insecure. And you\’re certainly aware of how unpleasant it sounds.


How Do Mean Girls Behave in Actual Life?

Mean girls act out in a variety of hurtful ways as a result of their intense dissatisfaction with themselves. On the other hand, mean girls engage in what is known as \”relational violence,\” according to the author and social worker Katie Hurley.

Relational hostility manifests itself by gossiping and circulating lies, joining cliques, ignoring others, creating humiliation, and other behaviours. Physical aggression is also a factor.

Furthermore, through social networking and mobile devices, the outlet for relational violence is larger and more destructive than ever before.

Worse, mean girl attitudes may result in extreme symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation.


What To Do When Confronted By Real-life Mean Girls

So, how do you cope with real-life mean girls so they don\’t wreck your life? There is no one-size-fits-all solution and there are various kinds of mean girls and different situations.

However, there are seven suggestions below that you can use to negotiate with rude ladies.


1. End Your Relationship With Your Mean Girl \”People\”

Mean girls are often included among the closest friends. They may (and always do!) complain about you, stab you in the back, or spread lies about you.


They can even drain you of your life with their poisonous, negative energy. So, it\’s time to remind yourself why you\’re always spending your valuable time with them.

Their negativity depresses you, and because it always requires too much energy to pick yourself up, why would you want anyone to suffocate your excitement and positivity?

Decide that you are deserving of stronger partnerships and recognise that you should share time with others who support and appreciate you.

In a nutshell, it\’s time to call it quits with your mean girl \”fam.\” Overall, they aren\’t your true comrades. You do not need to be dramatic or to have a chaotic breakup. However, you will begin to spend less time with them and begin to welcome healthy partnerships into your life.


2. The Way People Perceive You Reflect on Them, Not on You

It\’s just too tempting to take mean girls literally because they\’re mean. Their actions are very hurtful, frustrating, and destructive. However, it is important to recognise that another person\’s actions reflect who they are, not who you are.

So, what is the meaning of mean girl behaviour?

For one thing, they are uneasy with themselves. They may also be very vulnerable, depressed, fearful, wounded, resentful, and have low self-esteem.

Furthermore, mean girls may be nervous, perfectionists, and believe they are not good enough. They can even be intimidated by your good appearance, abilities, and social life.

When you know this, it\’s no surprise why mean girls behave the way they do.


3. The Way People Speak To You Reflects Their Inner Conversation

Mean girl acts, as well as their thoughts, provide valuable insights into their inner selves.

In reality, it\’s difficult to picture people speaking to themselves with affection and dignity as they taunt, intimidate, abuse, or belittle others.

Mean girls, unfortunately, are possibly in a lot of agonies. And they need to vent their frustrations on somebody else – lucky you!


4. Quit Pursuing Bad Girls

Any sexist people disregard and disregard other genders. And, for some odd cause, we want their acceptance and affection even more. But please do yourself a favour and avoid pursuing them.

Let\’s be honest: you might never get their acceptance. And if you do, what are you willing to give up to get it? Is it worth compromising and censoring your identity to be a member of a mean girl clique?


5. Refrain From Engaging in any Mean Girl Activity

You might want to blend in – perhaps with a mean kid. Still, whatever you do, avoid meaningful girl activities such as gossiping, stealing, backstabbing, mocking, intimidation, and so on.

It\’s completely fine to owe her nothing and shift the topic if she wants to indulge in this activity with you.


6. Reduce The Standards

One of the main factors that mean girls are so hurtful is because we want them to be better. But the fact is that you can only alter yourself and the feelings and perceptions you have for other individuals.

But it\’s time to lower the standards for rude ladies. In brief, allow them to be rude and don\’t take it personally if they do. Instead, obey tip #1 and make a decent life for yourself – with friends who do not regard you in such a demeaning manner.


7. Always Keep Yourself Secure

Mean girls are not to be believed. It\’s unfortunate, but it\’s real. So, be astute as opposed to paranoid, and please defend yourself. When faced with rude girls at work, often talk to them with other people present. Alternatively, frequently copy your tweets and emails to other individuals so that your sentences are never misconstrued.

Furthermore, avoid the urge to open up to them and exchange sensitive, intimate, or fragile details with them. If you do, it\’s like putting delicate pearls in front of swine. They\’ll just trample them in front of you or behind your back.

Mean girls in real life will make you feel bad. But they don\’t have to, because these seven ideas will help you stand firm and build a better, happier existence for yourself.

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