Special Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis To Make This Raksha Bandhan More Delightful

Indian festivals bring much joy & happiness to one and all as they bring everyone together in the family to celebrate. Be it the new additions, young ones or the elders, true happiness is when all generations take time off and come together to celebrate a festival. One such festival is Raksha Bandhan. 

It is celebrated with anyone who protects you as a brother would. In recent trends, we have seen a rise in bhaiya bhabhi rakhis. They have become quite popular among the people. Rakhi is also celebrated with Bhabhi or their sister-in-law. Though your dear brother has been your forever friend, your bhabhi is like an addiction to this bond. 

She is your confidante who has recently joined you as your partner-in-crime and all fun times. Babhi is the one that completes the trio. She, too, deserves every bit of your love & respect just like your darling brother does.  

Rakshabandhan is all about showing your love, care, and affection towards your brothers and sisters. It is a festival celebrating sibling love & affection. The special gifts that you give and receive just enhance the spirit of the festival to make it even more special. The festival is a reminder of how siblings spend their life teasing each other while simultaneously taking care of one another. 

There is no better occasion to express your love and respect for your sibling than Raksha Bandhan. The festival of Rakhi brings lots of joy along with love to your life. It is among the biggest Indian festivals celebrated by Hindus. You can even send Rakhi to India from another country. 

The festival commences with a sister tying a thread (Rakhi) on her brother\’s wrist and then feeds him, sweets. Then, both of them pray for the well-being of each other, and the brother promises to always look after her sister and stand by her side.

While it is customary for the brothers to give unique Rakhi gifts to their sister on the special occasion of Rakhi every year, times are changing. Nowadays, the sisters also pamper their brothers with unique rakhis available in the market. Your brother means nothing less than the world to you so that you can surprise him with the best Rakhi out there. 

Raksha Bandhan is a traditional festival celebrated to honour the bond between brother and sister. In this festive celebration, a rakhi (silk thread) is tied around the brother\’s wrist by his sister to protect him from all kinds of evil around him. The celebration is not restricted not only to blood-related siblings. 

When you are searching for the best bro rakhis for your brother, you can come across a myriad of options to choose from, such as silver rakhi, kids rakhi, designer brother rakhi and many more to make the occasion even more special.

In the present scenario, Raksha Bandhan is not just confined to India; it has its effect across different other countries as well, wherever Indians have settled abroad. Now one can send online designer rakhi across the world and overcome geographical boundaries. All you need to do is get the best designer rakhi through online shopping and send them across various countries. 

Rakhi is celebrated once a year, and it is the best occasion to show how strong your relationship with your sibling is. You can make your brother feel more oh so special about Rakhi by getting a special designer Rakhi Online for him.  

The Rakhis come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and colours. You can choose from a wide range of Rakhi threads such as Silver Rakhi, Fancy Rakhi, kids Rakhi decorated with cartoons and funny designs, Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi, and the list goes on. 

Here, we have come up with some brilliant Rakhi ideas that can help you select the best designer rakhi for your brother and make him feel special on this occasion.

So, this Raksha Bandhan 2021 celebrates the love and happiness of Rakhi by choosing the best bhaiya-bhabhi Rakhi for them both. Below, we have curated a handpicked range of some of the best rakhis for this Jodi.

So let\’s have a look at 2021 designer Rakhis Bhaiya & Bhabhi with totally be mesmerised with 

  1. Pearl Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi 

Beautiful glossy water pearls make this Rakhi one of the most sought after Rakhis. The pearl embellishments are sure to impress and make a high style statement. 

  1. Meena & Kundan Work Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi 

Handmade by in-house artisans with a touch of exceptional Meena & Kundan craftsmanship. The Meena & Kundan Work Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis are traditional, stylish and grand, reminding us of the era of the Kings & Queens. 

  1. Semi-Precious Stone Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi 

Let the light of respect, love, care, positivity, and friendship shine brightly through these exquisite, delicately embedded semi-precious rakhis. Their brilliant coloured semi-precious stone and mind-blowing Rakhi design will easily impress your Bhabhi and make her feel truly cherished and loved.

  1. Temple Shaped Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi 

For the ones who love all things cultural, the authentic Temple Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi will be an exquisite choice. The hand-carved temple designs will make Bhaiya & Bhabhi feel special and leave a lasting impression on them. Designed to look rich, be astonished to receive such a wonderful Rakhi from you on this special day. Even the elders of the home will applaud your thoughtful choice keeping the traditions in mind. 

  1. Evil Eye Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi 

Keep all the Buri Nazar far away from your precious Bhaiya & Bhabhi with an Evil Eye Rakhi. These add an extra sweet gesture to Rakhi as it shows how much you care for them.

  1. Lumba Rakhi 

A lumbar Rakhi is believed to seal the happiness and love bond between the sister-in-law and the sisters of the family. The stone Lumba Rakhi is perfect with alluring natural colours and designs that mesmerise. 

We hope you liked our curations. And if you are away from your bhaiya (brother) and Bhabhi (sister-in-law), there is no need to worry; you can send IGP rakhi online

The range of designer Rakhis always stands out as we keep every unique taste in mind, including Personalized Rakhi, Traditional Kundan Polki Rakhi, Cartoon Rakhis for kids, Bracelet Rakhi Fish Charm and many more options to select from. 

You can order these designer rakhis online, bringing a smile to your brother\’s face and making this occasion even more special.

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