Online Schooling & Individualized Programs for Students with Learning Difficulties

Learning disabilities typically don\’t go away with age. Children with multiple learning disabilities, affecting both motor and communication abilities, can need to obtain a wide variety of educational services. Special education services are tailored for intellectually, physically, socially or emotionally impaired students. This \”delay\” aspect, generally categorized as a developmental delay, signifies an aspect of the overall development of the child (physical, cognitive, academic abilities) which puts them behind their peers. In the typical classroom setting, the needs of the students cannot be met because of these special requirements. Online schooling or special education programs and services adapt content, instructional methods and delivery training to match each child\’s individual needs.


What Is Online Schooling And Individualized Education Program?

The online schooling and Individualized Education Program (IEP) is the foundation of the Education Act for Persons with Disabilities (IDEA), which provides equal opportunities for children with disabilities. The IEP is a quasi-contractual arrangement to direct, orchestrate and record specially tailored instruction for each disabled student based on their special academic, social, and behavioural needs. 


Some Information about Individualized Education Program:

By statute, the online schooling and IEP must include some information about the child as well as the educational curriculum tailored to meet his specific needs. This detail encompasses:

  • Present levels of educational achievement
  •  Achievable targets and tangible objectives or benchmarks Special education and related programs 
  • The extent of engagement of non-disabled children 
  • An overview of how the progress of the child will be measured and how the parents will be aware of that progress
  • Days and location of services to be offered 
  • Beginning at age 14 (or younger), a list of transitional services that would allow students to meet post-school objectives. 
  • Starting at age 16 (or younger), a list of transitional services to help the child prepare for school leaves.


Advantages of Individualized Education Program:

  1. By establishing the IEP and creating these provisions, Congress sought to bring together teachers, parents and students to develop an instructional plan that is tailored to the needs of the student and offers evidence of a quality curriculum that is focused on those specific needs. 
  2. However, over the years, compliance with the clear law standards (i.e. procedures relevant to the creation and evaluation of an IEP) has taken precedence over the creation of a high-quality curriculum that can be enforced by educators for each student with special needs. 
  3. The preparation and development of a procedurally based IEP will always be a challenge.
  4. Online schooling and IEP developers will provide a high-quality system to help teachers do their best to provide specially tailored training for each of their disabled students. 
  5. The IEP describes specific learning difficulties for your child and explains how they can best be handled by teachers and school officials for your child. 
  6. In particular, the IEP records the types of programs, climate, and facilities that school officials will provide each year to ensure that a child meets the educational objectives set out in the IEP.


Online Schooling in Dubai:

Through a stronger emphasis on inclusiveness, Dubai has become one of the best cities for all to live in. There are now plenty of special needs schools in Dubai, ensuring that every child has access to outstanding educational facilities across the board, regardless of their academic and developmental advancement. iCademy Middle East is an accredited online American school of Dubai for kindergarten students up to grade 12 in the United States. We believe that specific educational needs are an underserved component of Middle East education. We deliver a fully inclusive children\’s curriculum. We believe that each child has particular needs that require personalized support. We currently have a variety of children with special educational needs, and we invite you to ask about our support for those children. We provide ICad+ with a unique training platform for students with special needs. We\’re also pursuing academic goals and personal growth. Besides, we in our community iCad+ Employability also deliver transitional life and job skills. 


Online Schooling At The iCademy Middle East:

At the iCademy Middle East, we know not all students are learning the same way. Using an online US program, we\’ve found a way to close gaps and extend learning to positive academic results for students. Our individualized, versatile learning style will help fulfil the diverse needs of every student in the class. Our highly qualified teachers are working with you and your students to develop a tailor-made learning plan according to your family needs and students\’ abilities. 

They also help you monitor progress and provide high-level input to keep students on track and, where possible, targeted intervention. The full-time student days involve a mix of engaging online lectures, immersive games, and online school virtual classroom sessions. We work hard to make our home-schooled students feel part of our community by hosting school-wide events like sports days or picnics where we get together and interact with staff and other home-school families, providing support networks outside the school.



iCademy Middle East will help you ensure your children with a versatile, individualized and high-quality education that prepares them for higher education and life beyond university. Expand the access to high-quality instruction and content for your children by tapping into our vast digital collection tailored for K-12 grades and accessible at various levels.



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