What Would You Choose Between Love and Caste?

We live in a culture where caste has always trumped the innocence of love; we live in a world where people would rather destroy their children than encourage them to marry someone they love. Now and then, we learn about the casualties of this harsh society that insists that caste is more important than anyone\’s happiness.


It Is Not A Felony To Fall In Love…

Falling in love is inevitable, and if you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you are not committing a crime.

Most of the time, a person in love does not disclose that he or she loves someone who does not belong to his or her caste due to social strain. In the end, they simply end their friendship for the sake of their family\’s phony \”Aan, Baan, and Shaan\” (reputation).

Any partners that go so far as to compete for their love are suppressed by their spouses, either mentally or physically. And, if they move against them despite their family\’s drama, they are executed by their parents or family friends.


Be Brave Enough…

You have the potential to transform the universe, believe it or not! The only requirement is that you be courageous enough to stand alone for what is fair and conquer your war. Yeah, it is difficult to persuade others that you are right, and it is difficult to make them realize the extent of your passion, however, your willpower will make anything possible.

Parents must also realize that their children are not doing something unethical by marrying the girl/boy of their choosing. In the twenty-first century, everyone has the freedom to choose his or her life partner, and the Indian constitution guarantees every citizen the right to marry the person of their choosing.

Don\’t put your dreams and thoughts on your children, and don\’t threaten to impose your dreams and thoughts on your children. They are adults now; let them make their own life decisions; it is essentially their right. Don\’t let society and casteism spoil your children\’s dreams; don\’t let them become hostages of the unfair society you exist in.

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