5 (More) Traditional Games to Play in a Long-Distance Relationship

You\’ve already even seen the first five modern games to play in a long-distance partnership (here is the link to that post you missed). This week, here are 5 more to push you and your significant other to new gaming heights!


1. The Game of Poker 

How The Game is Played

I\’m not going to go over any of the laws of this card game (or explain what the starting hand, the flop, the turn, and the river are.) You already have all of this if you know how to play poker. Even if you don\’t, but are interested in learning, you\’ll pick it up along the way.

To summarize, poker is a classic (and rightfully famous) card game. Learn how to play poker now, because you\’ll almost certainly run into other poker players later in life.

What Makes This Game So Special?

Poker is another of those games that is simple enough to understand but complex enough that you will continue to improve years since you first started playing.

Some claim that learning to play poker will give you qualities that can be used to improve your partnership.

What Do You Mean, How Does Poker Improve My Relationship?

To begin with, you can\’t reliably succeed at poker with wild bluffs and pure luck. If you want to improve your game (and thereby maximize your win rate), you must put in some time and learn strategy. The same is true with marriages.

Poker often helps you to be aware of your rivals\’ body language and betting habits. If you pay the same amount of attention to your mate, you can easily improve your ability to read their moods and intentions.

However, a word of caution: poker can be addictive. It\’s addictive. There are also large global forums where you can play for currency. Anyone who enjoys gambling should consider twice before embarking on this adventure.

2. Cards 

How The Game is Played

In this popular card game, team up with a buddy and see how many tricks you can take. In the online edition, you sign up to play with a group, and the software matches you up with another group.

The game aims to take at least the number of tricks that were bid before the start of the side.

What Makes This Game So Special?

It\’s an easier card game than Bridge or Euchre, although it can be stopped more quickly than poker. Furthermore, playing as a squad helps you to enjoy the pleasure of game-playing without pitting you against each other.


3. Exit 

How The Game is Played

GO is a two-player abstract strategy game in which the aim is to surround more territories than your enemy. Two players take turns putting stones (black or white) on the board\’s empty \”intersection\” points. When a stone is caught, it is withdrawn from the board (surrounded).

The amount of free intersections you will cover with stones that are secure from capturing determines whether you win or lose.

The game was created in China about 3000 years ago and is considered to be the oldest board game still being played today.

GO is a rather complicated game, despite its comparatively straightforward laws. In comparison to Chess, GO has a bigger board with more options for play and longer games, as well as several more alternatives to consider per step on average. As a result, players always start practicing and playing on smaller 9×9 and 13×13 boards before \”graduating\” to a complete 19 x 19 grid.

What Makes This Game So Special?

If you like strategy games such as Chess, you will enjoy this game. GO has been dubbed the \”most beautiful brain-burning abstract game in history.\” Others also suggested that playing GO will lead to Buddhist enlightenment. It is extremely common in Asia.

But if the strategy isn\’t your thing or you\’re impatient, GO isn\’t going to be your favorite game.


4.Yahtzee is an Abbreviation For Yahtzee. 

How the game is played

Yahtzee is a classic dice game that was created by a Canadian couple who enjoyed playing it on their yacht. This is how it happens…

Each player gets 13 rolls of the dice.

A player can roll any of their dice up to three times during their turn. They can opt to stop rolling at any time during their three rolls and hold the five dice they have and score accordingly.

Each turn is \”scored\” on a 13-category scoreboard. Once a category has been scored, it is considered \”locked.\” At the end of the game, each player\’s 13 categories are rated, and the cumulative score is determined.

The player with the most points honors.

What Makes This Game So Special?

The laws seem to be complex, but they are not. After only one \”work\” round of the game, you\’ll grasp exactly what\’s going on. So it\’s quick to learn and enjoy, and it\’s an intriguing mix of luck and strategy.

The dice have the luck, and the strategy is in determining when and how to score the rolls for optimum gain.

This combination of chance and strategy will render Yahtzee addictive, and you can find yourself playing alone when your partner isn\’t around.


5. Participation In Battleship 

How The Game Is Played

The battleship began as a pencil-and-paper game during World War I.

Both players take turns positioning battleships in hidden positions on their grid board and then calling out coordinates to shoot at their enemy. The player who sinks all of his opponent\’s battleships first wins.

What Makes This Game So Special?

It\’s a thrilling game of chance and tactics that can hold you occupied for hours. It\’s the kind of game you might play either to chat with your significant other and pass the time, or it can be used as a full-fledged brain fest of tactical shots and strategy preparation.

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