10 Weird Things Long-Distance Couples Might Do Together

When you\’re in a long-distance partnership, it may be tough to come up with fresh and interesting ways to do it together. So, this week, we\’ve got your back: we\’ve compiled a list of ten unusual things you can do with your long-distance partner to strengthen your bond.

Some of these activities will help you think profoundly, others will push you out of your comfort zone, and even others will tell you how much you adore your spouse. So go ahead, be bold, and prepare to try something different!


1. Investigate your ancestors\’ backgrounds.

What kinds of tales are buried in your family tree? Everyone\’s experience is full of surprises and interesting new information for those who came before you. And why not hear anything different from your relatives while still getting to know your spouse better?

Find out who your parents were by being investigators. How did they get there? What did they do for a living? Why did they want to remain or move? Make family trees and present them to one another. What shocked you the most? Was there something unexpected? This task will necessitate some testing, but it is well worth it.

2. Plant your herbs.

This will seem to be a tedious task, but it is very enjoyable. Plant your mint, basil, parsley, or some other herb in pots or a little area of lawn.

Take pictures daily. If you like rivalry, see who\’s plant grows the fastest and looks the best! Consider your friendship to be like this vine. Every day, you offer it love and water, and it steadily develops and strengthens. Then, as an added benefit, you will reap the results of your efforts.

Anyone up for some homemade pesto? So easy and tasty. Or how about mint mojitos?

3.Plan the layout of your ideal home.

Have you ever fantasized about your ideal home? Take the time to express your daydreams with one another. What does your ideal home (or apartment) look like? Whose size is it? Where will I find it? Do you fantasize about owning a shore house or a log cabin? What shades would you like for the walls? What would the garden look like? Discuss it thoroughly, or sketch or scrapbook with it!

4.Wear discordant attire.

This one necessitates self-assurance and a certain amount of guts! Experiment with wearing discordant or outlandish clothes every day until one of you gives up. Every day, submit a snapshot of your wardrobe to your girlfriend. Have a note of the start and finish dates, as well as the winner. What was the most unusual combination? And… what is the award for the winner?

5.Set a new record

Check at the Guinness World Book of Records (or search the Internet) for a world record to attempt to break. Don\’t worry, some of the records are really strange and quickly destroyed! Even if you don\’t succeed, you\’ll have a great time! What did you attempt? Did you make it? Did you choose the same or different items?

6.Make up your hidden tongue.

Makeup terms, phrases, or whole sentences and use them. You can create new terms that do not yet exist, or you can merge and change old ones. You\’ll soon have developed your long-distance love language!

7.When you next see each other, plant a tree together.

Plant a tree with your mates. Take photos of it every time you go and see how it grows and holds them in a book or journal. This way, you will see your tree develop alongside your partnership and build your own \”secret\” place that is important to you. It\’s a lovely opportunity to connect and still contributing to the well-being of everybody else in the country. However, if you want a slow-growing tree, it will take a decade to see more improvement!

8.Write poetry about one another.

Write a poem for the other person. Allow each of you to choose if your poem would be urgent, romantic, humorous, or simply ridiculous. Whatever you decide, make sure you owe it your all and that you put some time and consideration into it!

If you\’re up for a challenge, you can try to identify your partner using just terms that begin with a letter of your choosing.

9.Create a shared blog.

Create a shared blog. Learn how to do it (it\’s not difficult) and let out your inner writer or photographer! Simply purchase a memorable domain name, create a website, and begin writing and photographing.

You can post photographs or write about your LDR, your shared passion for rock climbing, cooking, or something else that interests you. Another interesting suggestion is to use your site as a relationship board – post about how you\’re feeling right now, make a list of things you should do together, and so on. However, if you do this, you might be making your site secret.

Another similar concept is to have a shared Instagram account and then upload a single picture every day. You\’ll have a tangible record of your days separated this way, and you\’ll be able to show each other various aspects of your lives.

10.We can all meditate together.

Look up the term \”meditation\” on the internet. Find any instructions or a useful website, and then train. Simply settle back and be still, both in your heart and in your soul. Consider how much you enjoy your mate and project your love to them. It would improve the bond while still making you happier – a win-win situation! Then describe your feelings before, after, and after the meditation. (And what insane ideas ran through your mind.)

What wild, out-of-the-box things have you performed recently with your friends? Just leave a comment and let us know…

We hope that these events motivated you and strengthened your friendship. Many of the above events and tasks are from the \’Our Love Challenges\’ scrapbook, which contains a variety of tips about how to create a more positive partnership while still providing the room you need to record your memories. It\’s similar to a scrapbook, except better. Even nicer.

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