How to Learn to Draw. 10 Tips for Aspiring Artists

These recommendations for students were formed by themselves from the answers to questions about how to learn to draw cool drawings. This list is far from complete. It can be continued, developing thought at each point. It summarizes the vast experience of our art school teachers and the statements of famous artists. It can be argued that anyone who wants to learn how to draw will be able to do this if they follow the tips below.

  1. Find yourself a mentor

We must constantly look for good teachers who will help our professional growth. Their knowledge, experience, and work should be respected in creative circles. Talented artists often fail to make mentors. To do this, you need to have a methodological and teaching talent. And here it is not enough just to give advice – you need to take part in the fate of the ward, coming up with problems for him, taking into account his abilities and individual style. Sometimes just one meeting with such a master can change the life of an aspiring artist.

  1. Read more professional literature

You don\’t have to reinvent the wheel. Everything you need to know has been written a long time ago. Try to read at least one book a month on topics: techniques and technology of materials, art history, the basics of drawing (drawing), anatomy, color science, biographies of artists, treatises of old masters, physics of natural phenomena, basics of perception, psychology, philosophy. Learn everything related to art. Nowadays, the Internet provides an excellent opportunity to get almost any material, although you can not trust everything in it.

  1. Study nature and practice constantly

Spend at least 2 hours a day studying nature under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The principle of learning is from simple to more complex. To effectively master professional knowledge, you need to create your lesson plan or follow the existing curriculum for teaching drawing. Combine studio lessons with trips to the open air. Check theory and practice regularly and trust your feelings.

  1. Learn to draw from memory

Even drawing from nature, we do it from memory. Train her in the process of training long-term performance. Sketch objects from memory. Disassemble every detail, hone all the elements at home. Good visual memory helps develop painting skills and vegetables name for kids.

  1. Copy the masterpieces of the old masters

To develop taste, surround yourself with masterpieces to follow. Make one copy at least every three months. As examples, it is better to use the good originals of Rubens, Michelangelo, Holbein, Durer, Repin, Serov, Fishin, and other great masters. Try to get as close to the primary sources as possible. Study not only the techniques of the master but also his biography, trends in the painting of that time, and the material culture of this era.

  1. Sketch often.

You need to do at least 4-5 sketches per day. This rule works according to the principle – the more you draw, the better. Use every opportunity at home, on the road, at work to sketch. It develops hand motor skills, attention to detail, speed of perception, individual style, the ability to correctly convey proportions. It is useful to draw step-by-step instructions, comics, storyboards for movies. Doing this, you have to control the movement of the characters, monitor their recognition. 

  1. Don\’t paint from photographs

The temptation to simplify drawing from life can have irreversible consequences. A young artist who has not realized the intricacies of drawing a form often becomes dependent on seeing the world around him through a lens. He thinks that in this way he will become closer to nature, but this is not at all so. A camera cannot replace the work of your mind and heart in transferring real objects on a plane. The camera is not able to process it creatively, which is very valuable in the picture. Only after gaining sufficient experience and becoming a master, an artist can use a camera to capture the moment and collect material.

  1. Don\’t forget to be creative

Set ambitious goals for yourself. You must always remember why you started learning. Don\’t shelve your existing creative ideas and plans. Start exercising them now. Take part in competitions and exhibitions, regardless of their distance and your level of training. Become an artist!

  1. Learn to switch

Do not get hung up on one thing, learn to switch your attention. If it doesn\’t work out well, then just take a break, go for a walk. Start drawing something fundamentally new, try interesting material, change your technique, change your point of view. It is better to carry out several works at once with different tasks, using original techniques. Sometimes you just need to take a step back to look at yourself from the side.

  1. Don\’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Sometimes people give up when they meet the first obstacle. They are afraid to repeat mistakes. If something doesn\’t work out, then just start over. Don\’t be afraid to make a mistake – take a closer look at it. Maybe this expresses your personality. Turn your minuses into pluses.


There are many ways to identify weaknesses in your work. The main weapon in the fight against the latter is a creative activity, and taste and other skills can be developed if the artist has a desire and great energy potential.

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