Important Invisalign Hacks

Choose Best Orthodontist Invisalign is fast becoming the preferred orthodontic solution for different issues like crooked and gapped teeth, underbites, or overbites. People opt for Invisalign Braces London for various reasons like having a beautiful smile and improving their self-confidence and oral health. 

Whether you need your new smile for an important upcoming event or someone teased you about having crooked teeth, Invisalign can give you the better smile you desire.

 Regardless of the reason you want to use Invisalign clear plastic aligners instead of The Traditional Metal Braces that leave you with a metal-looking mouth during your treatment, you need to know the following hacks to enjoy your treatment and have a successful one.


Your Invisalign Case

During your Invisalign treatment, your Invisalign case needs to be the best friend you always have in your bag or pocket. Before you eat or drink anything asides from water, you need to remove your aligners, and you can’t keep your aligners in the open because it exposes them to airborne bacteria and germs.

With your Invisalign cases handy, you can easily slip out your aligners at the office or restaurant to have a quick meal. Some people may decide to wrap the aligners in a tissue, but this makes losing or damaging your aligner trays easy, which may set back your treatment.


Have a Nail File

A new set of aligners may have sharp edges and rough spots that cause sores inside your cheeks and tongue. This could be annoying, so you need a nail file to smoothen out the rough spots, and it saves you the trip to an orthodontist to fix your aligners.


Chewing Gums Are a No-no

During your Invisalign treatment, you would have to say goodbye to chewing gums because you can’t have anything in your mouth while wearing your aligners besides water.


Matter Lipstick

Most people think that using Invisalign means no lipstick or lipgloss, but this may not be true. What matters is using the right lip product, so you don’t go about with dry and colorless lips throughout your treatment. You could apply matte lipstick, but ensure the lipstick is dry before making any mouth movement to prevent stains on your aligner.


Switch to a New Set Before You Sleep

You would change each set of aligners after a couple of weeks, and it is best to switch out your aligners before you sleep because your teeth need to stay in the new position for a long time without taking out the aligners.

The eight hours of sleep at night gives your teeth time to adjust to the new position, and you get to sleep through the initial pain.


No Colored lollies

Anything colored shouldn’t be in your mouth during your Invisalign Treatment, including lollies and lozenges. Having sweets while you have your aligners in your mouth will discolor the aligners and cause the build-up of cavities.


Emergency Dental Travel Kit

You always need an emergency dental kit around, so, you can clean your aligners and teeth. After each meal, you have to clean your teeth before inserting the aligners in your mouth. If you can’t brush your teeth, you need to rinse them properly to remove food stuck between your teeth.


Use Invisalign Accessory

You need to remove your aligners at least three times daily, to eat and clean your teeth. Taking out your aligners may be painful, especially after you get attachments, so, it is important to use an Invisalign accessory like an outie to remove your aligners.


Soak Your Aligners While Eating

When you take out your Invisalign aligners to eat, ensure you soak them in a denture solution or Invisalign cleaning crystal to remove plaque and food particles. After soaking your aligner trays, gently brush them, then rinse before you put the aligners in your mouth.



An upside of Invisalign is that the aligners are virtually invisible, and you can see your progress during your treatment, so ensure you always smile. You can flaunt your beautiful smile even when you haven’t completed your treatment.

Invisible Braces London like Invisalign gives you the perfect smile you need without people noticing you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, so get your Invisalign clear aligners today at London Braces.

Call us now at 020 3747 7520 to schedule an appointment for your Invisalign treatment


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