How to Avoid Hair Fall in Winter?

How to Avoid Hair Fall in Winter

How to Avoid Hair Fall in Winter

Hair fall concerns, especially during the winter season, are for real. With the weather changing, your hair needs an updated routine to protect its roots from the harsh winter months. Often, we tend to neglect our hair during the rough, dry winters. But this is the time when we need the most care. Root damaging, rough, frizzy hair are some of the elements that bring about loss of nutrition in your hair, leading to hair fall. So, what is the solution available?

If you are suffering from extreme hair fall, you should start taking care of it right now. Instead of hiding your hair in the winter months, why not go and flaunt it? Hence, here are some tips that are pretty useful to avoid hair fall during winters. 

Stop Hair Fall Now:

Do you notice your locks your hair flowing down the drain every time you take a shower? Do you find strands of hair on your comb every time you start brushing your hair? If this seems like a familiar picture in your daily life, here are some solutions for you. 

  • Start Oiling Your Hair Every Alternate Day During The Winters-

One of the best tips that will stop your hair fall during winters is oiling your hair every alternate day. As your hair tends to get dry and rough, oiling helps to bring back nourishment to the roots. Plus, when you oil your hair, blood circulation occurs, thereby making your hair stronger from the roots. 

  • Use a Good Conditioner-

A good conditioner is a must-have during winters. You cannot step outside without using your conditioner during the winters. A conditioner won’t dry out your hair. As a result, your hair will become less frizzy, thereby maintaining a glossy, lustrous look. Try to leave on the conditioner for at least five minutes to absorb the moisture back into your hair during the winters. 

  • Do not use Harsh Shampoo-

Using a harsh shampoo is a big no during the winter months. It would help if you switched harsher shampoos with milder ones. Massage your scalp with a soft, chemical-free shampoo during winters. This will rinse off the dirt from your hair and stop hair fall as well. Do not frequently shampoo your hair as this will dry out your hair even more. Hence, shampoo only when your hair is dirty. A good shampoo will lower down the hair fall by at least 20%. 

  • Eat Your Winter Vegetables and Fruits-

Winter fruits and vegetables have enough nutrients in them to boost the production of hair protein. Try to include as much as fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will automatically decrease hair fall, and you will see the difference on your own. 

  • Apply Yogurt And Honey Pack to Your Hair-

To make your hair strong during winters, apply a honey and yogurt pack. This pack is great for all hair types. It will instantly reduce frizz and make your hair softer and smoother. Your hair fall will also increase.

  • Haircare For Winters:

With all of the above tips, you can further stop hair fall during winters by following a good exercise routine. Try doing yoga, as this will manage your stress levels. Further, pay more attention to some age-old rituals that promise to bring back the shine and gloss in your hair.

If dandruff is the main cause of your hair fall issue during winters, follow your hair fall routine strictly. In case things are getting worse, try reaching out to an expert. The expert’s advice will make things right for you!