All You Need to Know About Hotel Key Cards

In today\’s day and age, it has become common for nearly all guest management systems in almost all hotels to use hotel key cards. If you have ever checked into a hotel then there are very high chances that you might have used a hotel key card for gaining access to the room that was allotted to you. It is common for customers to often have questions about hotel key cards, right from how they work to how secure they are. People usually think that hotel doors are actually very secure when it has been seen in most cases that the technology behind such doors is actually out-of-date and needs to change or get updated for the greater good. Read on further to know the key benefits of hotel key cards. 


The Benefits of Hotel Key Cardholders

Regardless of the kind of card that the customers pass on to their users, they also hand over such cards with attached hotel key cardholders. Hotels can pass different cards to their customers but in most cases, they are always attached with hotel key cardholders. This is mainly because of the wide range of benefits that can be availed by attached hotel key cardholders. Hotel key card holders ensure that the card has very less chances of getting lost or misplaced, which is something no one wants, not the hotel manager nor the staff and definitely not the customer. Even though replacing cards has become very easy, no one wants to go through the entire ordeal of getting the card replaced all over again.

Hotel key card holders ensure that the customers always have the card on them and there is very little risk of them misplacing or losing their cards. Loss is averted to a great degree when hotels begin giving out hotel key cardholders in addition to their different cards. This is perhaps one of the main benefits of hotel key card holders which explains why most hotels in nearly all cities, countries and continues to use them to this day and this is all set to continue, very well into the future.


What are Some of The Common Types of Hotel Cards That Come Attached With Hotel Key Cardholders?

There are some hotels out there that use access cards that come with magnetic stripes that are also known as \’swipe cards\’. That being said, there are a lot of alternatives to hotel cards like photo ID cards, smart cards, barcode cards, RFID cards and also access cards that have holes in them. Such cards can be used for the purpose of accessing rooms, using elevators and mainly for accessing different parts of the hotel premises. In today\’s day and age, it has actually gotten very common to see hotels use swipe cards because they help with cost-cutting initiatives. The problem with such cards is that they can wear out rather quickly and are frankly much less secure in comparison to the other options out there. In comparison, RFID cards are a lot more durable, even though they might be a little expensive.


What are Smart Cards That Come Attached With Hotel Key Cardholders?

Now we come to smart cards which are being increasingly used by more and more hotels in today\’s day and age. One of the main reasons for hotels transitioning towards smart cards is that they hold a wealth of information about the user, meaning the person to whom the card is allotted. Smart cards grant access to facilities beyond the hotel room and to places like gyms, pools, laundry, conference rooms as well restaurants. This further applies to all the other amenities that might require secure access in the building. Smart cards collect information about every single step of the holder\’s journey in the hotel facility so that the hotel gets a record of all the expenses and don\’t have totally all the bills from various places inside the same hotel premises. What this results in is that the financial management of the hotel gets streamlined and further, a much smoother experience is also created for hotel guests.

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