Healthy Relationships Promote Change and Growth

Healthy marriages promote both development and transition. It feels like what you learn these days about how partnership issues are to blame for both development and transition.

If all partners can make the required improvements and learn through them, a dysfunctional partnership can result in improvement. Change is difficult. Dysfunctional marriages are complex and necessitate the commitment of all sides to make things better. If no attempt is made to improve unhealthy marriages, they can worsen and worsen.

A stable friendship has always laid the foundations for substantive progress. Healthy marriages provide a foundation of motivation and inspiration to be and perform more as people and as a partner. When you are in an unhappy partnership, it is more difficult to develop as a person.

Parents or other family members who get you down or making you feel nervous. It may be mates who exploit and take advantage of you. It may be your wife, husband, partner, or girlfriend who is impeding you from achieving your personal goals. Whatever the partnership, whether it is a good one, you can never feel bad about growing as a human. If someone in your life is making you feel this way or making you doubt yourself, odds are there are bigger issues in your partnership than you realize.

Have you ever realized how much a female character in a movie or tv show is made to feel bad for her work because she has children or a relationship? What happens to male characters as well, but much too often to female characters. Consider the film \”The Devil Wears Prada.\” Miranda was portrayed as the victim, but I instinctively thought Nate, Miranda\’s boyfriend, was a jerk. He regularly chastised her for not being present for him and putting her career first. He worked as a waiter. One might hope he\’d like to start his restaurant at some stage. Are we to expect that he can just work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and yet be willing to offer her (Andy) plenty of quality time when opening his latest restaurant?

People seem to be believing that only poor conditions are responsible for development and transformation for the better. No, they are not. You can drive development and transformation at any moment and in any case. The truth is, if you\’re in a good relationship, you can almost always rely on your wife being there for you. In an abusive partnership, you will almost always rely on your mate dragging you down rather than making it easier for you.

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