He Loves You, So He Isn\’t in Love With You

When the one you love tells you he likes you but is not in love with you, that is one of the most heartbreaking words you can say. You can feel caught off guard since this often occurs without notice. And if you have been going through some difficult times, you did not want them to fall out of love with you. You wonder about in a daze, as if life has been shattered.

So, right now? What are you going to do? Not only do you have to work with your own emotions, but you\’re still concerned with theirs. (Or the absence thereof.) You want answers, explanations, and to know how their feelings would recover. The issue is that you have no say in the matter. It is entirely up to them whether or not they wish to give the friendship a shot. The complexity of it all is difficult for citizens to live with.

The first move should be to learn about what is going on right now. Ask them if they want to go to therapy, if they want to sort things out, and what they want you to do to ease the case. You have the freedom to make your demands once you have heard theirs. You may warn them not to look at any people, even whether there is someone else in the photo or who they are involved in. You can ask them whether they prefer to be left alone for a bit or if you can reach them while they find out what\’s going on.

If they agree to contact you, have an agreement about what is appropriate. Whether they prefer to be left alone, inquire if you should call them only in an emergency and if they consent, only contact them in an emergency. Allow them room if they need it, but don\’t allow it to last forever. Agree to meet in \”x\” number of days to see where you stand. They can\’t send you clear responses or timelines right now, but they should be able to soon.

There is no possibility that it can turn out whether they have given up or are no longer involved in offering the friendship another chance. If your wife is unable to attend therapy with all of you, why not go yourself? You must take care of yourself, and counseling can be of great assistance to you.

If all sides are prepared to attempt to give it a shot, the emotions will most likely return and the partnership will be able to flourish and prosper.

It is better to associate yourself with positive people throughout the process. Don\’t depend on your companion for assistance; instead, seek it elsewhere. It would be difficult to concentrate on something other than the state of your partnership, however, you must attempt.

You may tend to focus your emotions, emotions, and behaviors on your partner, so you need to change it right now. Enable them to cope with their problems. You\’re not going to be around to do anything anyway. Allow yourself time to process your feelings of discomfort, hurt, rage, and terror, but don\’t let them overtake you. Start a fitness routine you\’ve been wanting to start, invest more time with the positive people in your life, and participate in more things that you love and make you feel healthy.

Nobody needs to hear the words \”I love you, so I\’m not in love with you,\” but some of us will. You might not be able to regulate your partner\’s emotions, however, you can control how you respond to the situation. All hope is not lost, but instead of dwelling on what is beyond your influence, try what you can to help the situation.

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