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15 Essential Characteristics of a Good and Functional Relationship | Relation Status

15 Characteristics Required for a Good and Functional Relationship

Good marriages seem to be mystical, but we all realise that there is no fairy godmother with a golden wand. In reality, a healthy, functional partnership occurs when each partner cultivates specific characteristics. And, to be honest, these characteristics do not only appear.

Sure, these can come more naturally to others than others, but each of these 15 characteristics is something we must focus on. When we do this, we, therefore, cultivate a safe and balanced friendship.


1. Self-assurance

It may sound weird to start with a trait of yourself, but who you are has a lot to do with the kind of partnership you have. And, if you lack self-confidence, you can constantly seek support and acceptance from your mate.

Worse, the desire for validation will drive you to do something to get it. This will result in a toxic relationship.


2. Self-esteem

Another characteristic that relies on you rather than your relationship is self-love. However, much as with self-confidence, the more self-love you have, the better off your partnership would be. This is because the more love you develop within yourself, the greater love you would have for the other guy.

Furthermore, loving yourself will make you more positive, conscious, and caring, both of which are needed for a healthy and functional partnership.


3. Sincerity

Honesty is a valuable quality in many aspects of life, including our marriages. Although, before we can be frank with others, we must first try to be honest with ourselves.

This entails recognising what we require and want in our lives, jobs, and relationships. This would make things possible for us to be open and frank with our partners.


4. Self-reliance

Being in a partnership entails cohabiting with another individual. However, the more you depend on and need your mate, the less appealing you will become.

In reality, nothing is more appealing and empowering than a woman who cares for herself and her well-being. You don’t miss being yourself only when you become a girlfriend, fiancé, or mom!


5. Compassion

Empathy may also contribute to a positive and functional friendship. This is because sensitivity allows you to understand how your mate is feeling. This avoids hasty conclusions and negative remarks. It instead places you in their shoes and allows you to approach them with compassion and objectivity.


6. Esteem

We hear a lot about how important it is to accept each other’s distinctions. Although, most importantly, we must support one another.

And, while it is far simpler to admire what you like about others, you must still respect the whole individual, including their shortcomings and roadblocks. Any one of us is a work in progress.


7. Had Confidence

Confidence is a necessary characteristic for every functional partnership. However, confidence is a difficult attribute for many couples to cultivate. If this is the case with your partnership, consider whether you are making it safe for your partner to be truthful with you.

Will you, for example, lose your cool if your companion has anything to say, or even threaten or verbally harass him or her? If this is the case, what reason do they have to be truthful with you?


8. Acknowledgement

You can just improve yourself, so concentrate on that. When it comes to your mate, avoid changing anything you dislike about him or her. It is your responsibility to consider them, both the pieces you want and the parts you don’t.

Wouldn’t you like it if they did the same for you?


9. The Possibility of Vulnerability

Brené Brown, the bestselling author, believes that insecurity is not a flaw. Opening ourselves up to others, on the other hand, needs a great deal of bravery. And when we neglect vulnerability, we weaken emotional interaction, which is an essential component of the human experience.


10. Make a Concession.

When you’re alone, you make your laws and do your own thing. In a friendship, though, it takes two to tango. You will have to swallow your ego and do something that you would not always want to do on your own.

What about dinner with your in-laws? Maybe that’s not how you want to spend your only free night this week, but it’s worth it for the sake of your friendship.


11. Thank You

Gratitude affects everything. Gratitude, in particular, is an emotion that lifts the vibrational frequency higher than any other emotion. So, when you’re thankful, you’re practically on a high. And the more you think about what you’re thankful for in your friendship, the less bothered you’ll be by the little annoyances.


12. Communication is Important.

This characteristic is difficult to explain. A strong and functional partnership cannot exist without contact. That is what there is to it.


13. Laughter

When the going gets tough – because it can, at times – nothing helps partnerships better than a strong sense of humour. Can you help me crack the ice? Will you help to brighten the mood? What about putting a smile on your partner’s face? Whether this is the case, you have the opportunity to brighten the friendship while both of you are going through a tough period.


14. Benevolence

We offer to intend to receive anything in exchange while we practise conditional love. However, this is not a desirable characteristic of a practical partnership. Instead, make an effort to be charitable with your affection. Don’t keep track of it or dwell on calculating how much your mate owes you.

Love for the sake of caring instead. Nobody needs a stingy mate, and it’s much more enjoyable and uplifting to love unconditionally.


15. Being Open-minded

Regardless of how close you are, you and your wife are two entirely separate beings. And your debate partner can bring a variety of views, thoughts, and points of view to the table.

They can be simple to comprehend at times. They can even throw you for a loop at times. When you come across unfamiliar topics, tell yourself that you are protected and that it is safe to learn about and be accessible to new ideas. It’s too intending to intend, and you’ll develop a lot as a person as a result.

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