Fan Favorites Top 5 Dark Fantasy Manga In 2021

“Manga” this word is used to indicate Japanese comic books. It is one of the popular entertainment mediums in Japan. Now it’s gaining popularity in the whole world with its story and artwork.

One of the reasons for gaining popularity is its wide range of readers. From kids to old all ages of people will be able to find their type of story in Manga. You can find romantic, horror, a slice of life, comedy, the dark story all kinds of manga.

Here, we will write about 5 dark fantasy manga, they may contain some spoiler so be careful before you read.


  • Berserk

Berserk is one of the darkest fantasy manga you will ever find till now. This manga started its journey in 1989 with Kentaro Miura\’s hand. This is still going and known to be one of the greatest and longest ongoing manga. 

This manga took place in a world where the Physical world or earth and the Astral world or the world of death or afterlife overlap each other.

Berserk tells the journey of a man called Guts. He was found by a group of mercenaries under a tree where his mother along with other people was hanged. He then grew as a mercenary but his father was abusive and this led that and killed his father. Then he began his solo journey but his reputation led him to a famous mercenary group called “Band of the Hawk” where he meets some of the other main characters. It looks like a great journey will begin now but here starts the real hell. Note: If manga lover cannot afford money to buy every version of the manga series then, magago and other 4 manga website will full fill their dream to read every manga story. Where you see trust again betrayal, love again loved one getting violated by someone. Even in the anime and manga community, Berserk main character Guts is known to be the most suffered character because his enemy was not only mortals but the destiny itself. Online casino withdrawal time is essential, nobody wants to wait a lot for getting their prize money. But even at instant withdrawal casinos people must meet the wagering requirements and finish a Know Your Customer process. At you will find the fastest withdrawal online casinos if you want to get the winnings under 1 hour.


  • Made in Abyss

It’s a manga that can fool anyone. The art style with cute, cute kids and characters makes you feel like it’s going to be a very wholesome manga. But that’s where you get fooled.

Made in Abyss is an adventure manga with some dark stuff.  It was first published in 2012 by Akihito Tsukushi. Till now nine volumes have been published. It’s still ongoing the author publishes a volume each year.

“Made and Abyss,” this name tells a lot of the story. In here, Abyss indicates a big giant hole on the earth filled with an unknown number of caves and no one knows how deep the hole is. This hole is filled with artefacts, remnants of long-gone civilization, and also a lot of mystery that no one knows. The abyss is filled with a lot of dangerous things which is why people call it the curse of the abyss.

The manga starts by introducing our main character Riko who is an orphan live near the Abyss. Her mother was one of the cave raiders titled as white whistles who disappeared a long time ago. White whistle refers to cave raiders who are considered legends.

Riko, our central protagonist, wishes to follow in her mother\’s advice. One day she met a robotic boy called Rig who came from the abyss. Riko takes Reg as her companion and went on a journey to find his mother where awaits some horrifying, twisted stories.

This manga may look beautiful and cheerful at first or in front but it has some disturbing dark stuff in the background and they hit hard when hit.


  • Overlord

Overlord is another one of the greatest manga. It is related to one of the popular genres now which is “Isekai”. 

Overlord first serialized in 2010 and Kugane Maruyama is the writer. It’s still an ongoing manga.

As Overlord is an isekai manga like other isekai manga the protagonist is also transported to another world. The protagonist was playing an MMORPG game that was going to shut down soon. When the game comes close to the ending the protagonist finds himself transported into another world along with the NPC’s of the game.

Here, starts the journey of our protagonist. Our protagonist was transported as Aniz (an undead skeleton) which is actually the game avatar he was using.

The dark concepts that are shown in the manga kind of gives a massage to the world about what might happen if you take certain paths. In this show, one of the dark concepts shows what greed can do or make a person do. You will see suffering, slavery, deaths that might stop your heart bit for a moment.

It’s a great story where the author was able to bring a lot of concepts that might be close to reality.


  • The Promised Neverland

Here comes another manga that will fool you at the beginning by showing a wholesome story about kids but make you later realize how dark it is.

The Promised Neverland is a horror, psychological, dark fantasy manga. It was made by Kaiu Shirai and serialized in 2016. It’s an ongoing manga.

The manga starts by showing a lot of kids living in an orphanage with their mama playing with each other while doing their daily activities. All of them were living a happy life while also waiting to get adopted by a foster family. They didn’t know what’s outside of the orphanage as the orphanage was isolated from the outside world. But one day they knew what was on the outside world and why they were in the orphanage and what was the purpose of raising them.


  • Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is now one of the popular manga. Recently the anime made a lot of hype among the anime community and on April 9th, 2021 the manga will release its last chapter.

Attack on Titan manga was written by well-known writer Hajime Isayama and initially published on September 9, 2009.  For 11 years this manga entertained its readers with an awesome story that was able to make a place in the heart of the readers. It is one of my favourites too.

The story starts by introducing our main protagonist Eren Yeager. A boy living a peaceful life with his family in a town that was protected by Wall Maria. But one day two titans broke the wall and massacred the people of the town and on that day Eren\’s mother was eaten alive by a titan. From that day on, we see the hatred against titans being born and raised in our protagonist.

This manga tells the story of human races that fought each other. You will see what war and hatred among races can do to people. You will witness the death of innocent people, and loved ones.

Before I go, I want to apologize if I gave spoilers more than I should. I tried my best not to give you any major spoilers.

 All the manga mentioned here have anime adaptation you can see the anime too or if you want to know the story in detail go for the manga or even more details then go for the novel.

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