4 Types of Eco-Friendly Shipping Packing Options

As part of your quest and desire to leave a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle wherein you reduce your footprint, there are plenty of steps you’ll need to take. Each and every time you make an environmentally-sound decision, no matter how big or small, it will have a positive impact and give you that satisfaction that you are making a difference.

One area you may want to direct focus on is the type of products used when a company is shipping products to you. There are a number of eco-friendly shipping packing options that exist and they may be ones you choose to look for, regardless of moving to a close city or to a far away country like New Zealand. So, let’s take a look at four popular types.

Corrugated Bubble Wrap

The old-school bubble wrap is something most people know and have fond memories of popping. It just has a way of relaxing you, never mind the fact it does a great job keeping delicate objects safe. Unfortunately, that old-school bubble wrap is far from eco-friendly, but there is a better option. Corrugated bubble wrap is something that many companies are now embracing for fragile items.

This product is a result of up-cycling the classic corrugated cardboard you are probably familiar with. It can actually do a great job at offering cushioning and protection so when items are shipped, they don\’t end up damaged.

Recycled Paper and Cardboard

This brings us to recycled paper and cardboard packaging, which is another great option. Not only can the packaging be derived from recycled products, but once you are done with that package, you can also recycle it. It’s a great way to limit waste and ensure you’re not putting extra stress on resources.

Packaging Peanuts That Are Biodegradable

Then we have packaging peanuts, which were traditionally made from Styrofoam. You\’ve probably had the experience of opening a package, only to have them bust out and spill all over the place. They make a huge mess and they aren\’t environmentally friendly in the least. These Styrofoam peanuts aren\’t biodegradable and you can\’t recycle them when you\’re done with them.

A great solution has been the introduction of biodegradable packing peanuts. These are able to stand up to the same tasks and do an excellent job, but they aren\’t made from Styrofoam. From a company\’s standpoint, there is the added bonus that they are cheaper than the old school packing peanuts.

Inflatable Air Pillows

Finally, we have inflatable air pillows that are becoming more popular as well. These tend to be cheaper than bubble wrap and packing peanuts and can help to keep items secure in a box during shipping. 

You can learn more about what companies are doing to select eco-friendly flexible packaging options, which will make you feel even better about your purchases.

Every Step Counts

Sometimes, it can seem like you aren’t able to take big meaningful steps in your quest to help save the environment, but the fact is that any step makes a difference. Rather than focus on how big or small a particular choice is, focus on making as many eco-friendly choices as possible working it into all aspects of your life.

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