8 Things That Men Despise About Women

No one likes to concede blame when marriages fail, but whether we like it or not, it takes two to tango, and often we women unknowingly do stuff that irritates men or make them resent living with us.

The same is true with theft. It isn\’t either the man\’s or the woman\’s fault if one side cheats, however, little incidents will start tossing sore notes before one day, the friendship is pushed to a point where it\’s difficult to recover from – or to the point that one half seeks affection and passion somewhere.

As you go through the following list, you may find that you\’ve done any of this stuff without even realising it. However, these are the same factors that make men dislike being with women and being in relationships to the extent where they plan to end it.


1. You Might Be Thinking, \”isn\’t It The Other Way Around?\” Men are Typically Blamed For Not Paying Attention to Their Partners, But The Responsibility is Accepted By All Genders.

Many women become used to being the centre of focus in a partnership, but they fail to recognise that a relationship is all about balance. When your spouse shares anything with you – news, a thought, or something else – pay attention and ask him questions about it. Don\’t just smile and shift the focus elsewhere, or worse, start talking about yourself.

If you choose to ignore him, he will end up choosing someone else to talk to when he realises he can\’t discuss his ideas with you – simply because you don\’t pay attention to him.


2. Always Attempting to Meet Partnership Objectives

You\’ve already seen tens of Facebook or Instagram articles congratulating a pair on achieving a partnership target or highlighting anything a couple did as \”such a cute couple goal.\” This social networking epidemic has resulted in numerous women contrasting their partnership to these social media \”couple target\” posts and referring to these posts when spending time with their spouse.

However, if you do this enough, your husband will feel stressed when you keep hinting at stuff you want him to do without allowing the partnership to work smoothly. As a result, the partnership becomes forced, and the partner is irritated.

Allow the partnership to develop naturally and enjoy the stuff he does. Don\’t equate your partnership to another – everyone is unique, as are relationships.


3. Overemphasizing The Friendship on Social Media

Social networking will either be your best buddy or your greatest nightmare. Running for pair targets might spoil the friendship, but so can obsessing about social media in general.

Some women like to carry out their relationships virtually. Tagging their partner anywhere, flipping out because he doesn\’t click the \”like\” button as quickly as you wanted or doesn\’t comment on any picture, asking him to pay attention to you on social media – there are countless ways you will sabotage your partnership by focusing on how your relationship is doing online.

It\’s as simple as focusing more on everyday life rather than social media. Otherwise, you risk losing your \”alone\” status earlier than anticipated.


4. Attempting to Make Him Envious

Have you ever tried making your lover unhappy or betting on another guy in the hopes of getting more affection from him? Although you will think it\’s a smart idea, it could have the reverse effect – he will see that the partnership isn\’t moving anywhere.

Men aren\’t stupid; they can see whether someone is attempting to manipulate them. Having him jealous on purpose just takes him away from you.


5. Lack of Confidence

Maybe he has \”shady\” acquaintances or interests that you don\’t approve of? These emotions can cause you to make neurotic statements such as \”Is that the whole storey?\” \”Where are you going?\” and \”Is that a good idea?\”

Nothing is more irritating than someone continually second-guessing what you\’re saying or doing. This type of conduct lets your mate believe you don\’t trust him. Allow him to be himself and make his own choices, but make sure you\’re there to help him.


6. Nagging And Moaning

“My hair is a disaster”, “Ugh, I despise my skin”, “She irritates me all the time”… Does that ring a bell?

Although there is nothing wrong with discussing your feelings with your mate, these discussions will often devolve into a slew of criticisms, either about oneself or about anyone else. These remarks will also be aimed at your husband – you may make a remark on how his socks smell, how he can put the toilet seat back up, how he wants to drive, or something else. You may think these remarks are insignificant, but to him, they are a relentless barrage of painful kicks.

Just bear in mind that, while it\’s fine to express all of your feelings with your mate, there comes a point when your remarks become nagging. He needs to spend time with you and chat with you, not be bombarded with problems that make him sound like you\’re his instructor or mother rather than his girlfriend.


7. Excessive Dramatics

Many men are terrified by one question: \”How do I look?\” They are afraid of it because of the potential emotional response, beginning with exaggerated remarks like \”Is that all you can say?\” and concluding with exclamations like \”I\’m not going anywhere!\” It all begins tiny and escalates to epic proportions.

No man enjoys excessively dramatic behaviour, even if it is consistent. It would simply push him towards someone who takes things more gently and acts more \”chill.\”


8. Always Allowing Him to Play The Guessing Game

You might think it\’s funny to tell him to surprise you, but if he surprises you with anything you don\’t like and you get insulted or angry as a result, it\’s a huge mistake that can harm your partner\’s trust and push him away from you.

Men are interested in what you want, whether it\’s food, jewellery, clothing, sex, or something else. They will impress you with something you\’d certainly love if they know just what you want, rather than tolerating you being angry at them for a week because of a surprise gone wrong. Don\’t pretend to be a \”mystery lady\” for your boyfriend – it\’s not attractive and just becomes a source of contention in the partnership.

Guys love it when you\’re honest and, most specifically, don\’t play any sports. Allow the partnership to develop spontaneously while being true to yourself.

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