You’re Dating a Player from the Top 10 Signs

A player in his game is really strong. A player can convince you that he is searching for a real friendship, and others can make you think that they care for you. So, how are you able to detect a player before you play? Here are a few signals for determining whether a player is playing.


You\’re Dating a Player From The Top 10 Signs. 

  1. You might just be spending your time because a man you\’re dating doesn\’t schedule your dates in advance. If you can\’t see him on weekends, he is likely a competitor just during the week. He can have some time to relax with you on the weekends if you are valuable enough for him.
  2. If you are never invited to spend so much time with your male mate, he might well be a match. If he still does holiday planning for his friends but never for you? Same stuff. Same thing. He doesn\’t prioritize you even though he\’s not a player.
  3. It may be a red flag player if he occasionally calls to talk to you or just email. During the relationship process, he should want to speak to you. He ought to want your speech to be understood. If it takes him a lifetime to text, it may also be an indication that he is a player, particularly if he tries to write back in the evenings.
  4. That may be a hint that he\’s a player because he has his phone and it\’s mysterious/suspect. He doesn\’t have to sign your phone back to you now, but there\’s something up if he keeps his phone like it has high-security secrets on it.
  5. Sadly, social media already belongs to our lives. You might be a player with something to hide if he doesn\’t friend you on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social networking hub.
  6. You might be dating a player if he doesn\’t get you in public, particularly in areas that he claims he wants to go. Why will he not take you if he doesn\’t hide anything? Does he publicly grip your hand? Does he offer you some love when you publicly go out? If not, it could even be a red flag player. Would anybody fear seeing you two together? He may be scared?
  7. How would he present people to you? Like a fellow? If he is, it may be a player\’s other sign. Has he a tonne of friends with women? You all should date him and you couldn\’t all be his friend? The least he should tell is \”this is a lady I\’m dating/seeing,\” if a guy is involved in you. There are very few men on earth who DON\’T know that the lady is going to get pissed off when they name a woman they have sex with their \’mate.\’ He understands better, thus. However, he did so anyway.
  8. You might be dating the player if you have dated for a fair period and had not encountered either of the members of your families, acquaintances, or co-workers. Why do you two mask the reality that you see each other? Why doesn\’t he introduce you in his life to important people? You shouldn\’t plan to meet his mother immediately after the first date, so at one time at least you can meet someone he knows.
  9. Players are making commitments not fulfilled by them. So, he might be a player if the man you are dating violates commitments left and right. If he never pursues plans, he splits dates and you see just the stimulus of the moment, that only sounds like a player. 
  10. Sometimes players just disappear and do not have any good excuse. Can\’t get a couple of days of contact with him? In a bit, haven\’t heard or seen from him? Did he not offer an answer even when he returned into your life or did he have a lame excuse? This is another indication that a player may be dating.

It is best to alert and brace the player before you go to a player so that you can play your hand and leave this match behind.

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