Great Date Ideas for Long-Distance Couples

It\’s difficult to be in a long-distance partnership. Even if you live together, life\’s responsibilities will find it difficult to spend time with your girlfriend. Add on the difficulty of distance (and maybe the challenge of separate time zones for good measure!) and it may sound difficult to sustain a long-distance partnership.

It isn\’t, though. Well, a long-distance partnership requires more time, and you won\’t get to see each other as much as you\’d like, but it can be well worth it for the right guy. Plus, with a little imagination, you can always have those awesome date nights that will make you stay connected even though you aren\’t physically together.

It can be difficult to come up with new ideas for long-distance date nights, but this week we offer you some of our favorite long-distance date night ideas for you to explore together!


Video Conferencing

For instance, video chat has to be included in this list. If you couldn\’t be there personally, at least you can see and hear them, and (take it from someone who has been in long-distance relationships without video chat) video messaging IS the next best thing to getting together. So don\’t overlook the fundamentals. At least once a week, sit down for a lengthy conversation. There are several options available to assist you in coming up with topics to explore (try our own 401 discussion questions for help here). Remember to take any screenshots to connect to your \”pictures\” together!


Prepare a Meal Together

Here\’s a good one. Choose a recipe, gather all of the ingredients, launch a video call, and cook together! Place the food in the oven at the same rate, mix the sauce, and so on. You can begin and end at the same time. When you\’re done, sit down and eat it while still on the video call. It\’ll be like enjoying a romantic meal that you all prepared! After that, unwind on a cozy sofa or bed by talking about your day or watching a movie together. It\’s a long-distance variation of the traditional \”dinner and a movie\” date night.


Create Playlists With One Another

Make a playlist of music that you believe your partner will like or a playlist of songs that you want to present to your partner. If you\’ve completed your playlists, join a video call and take turns listening to music. Listen to an album from your playlist for your girlfriend. Play a single from his or her playlist after the song is over. For a moment, go back and forth. You\’ll connect over a common moment, and you may find some new favorite songs.


Play a Cooperative Game With Your Mates

Find a co-op game that you all like and play it together. This may be a PC game, a computer game, or a smartphone game. Only make sure it\’s a co-op game rather than a competitive one. You must collaborate to achieve a collective purpose. Solving puzzles together (which is what co-op games seem to emphasize) is a fantastic bonding activity for couples and facilitates contact. You\’ll even have a good time doing it!


We Have Few Suggestions

Portal 2 is a puzzle game in which you must work out how to navigate barriers using a portal gun. This game\’s co-op mode is ideal for couples since you must work together to complete each stage. When you collaborate and organize as a team rather than working alone, you can see how much more successful you are as a team.

Trine: Trine is a much more relaxed (and much more beautiful) game. To progress through the ranks, you manage a sorcerer, a warrior, and an archer, each with their special ability. This is also another excellent game for instilling the value of coordination and cooperation. If you like it, there are three more Trine games for you to enjoy!

Rocket League is a simple little game in which you attempt to score soccer goals using rocket cars rather than humans. Since you would be playing as a team against other teams, it is not a typical \”co-op\” game (or bots). Teamwork, on the other hand, is important for winning matches. Pass the ball to one another, set up targets, make one individual be the goalkeeper, and then turn. The more you collaborate, the more matches you\’ll earn, representing how contact can strengthen your friendship.


Send an Exclusive Gift

Sending care packages to your spouse is a popular courtesy, especially among long-distance couples. We\’re going to take that a step further and consider giving a highly customized gift. Make a memory album of your experiences whether you have photographs of you both from occasions you\’ve met in person. If you don\’t have enough or any memories of you two together, put current photos of each other next to each other. Make it your own by using quotations and decorations.

Here\’s a nice little spin on this concept: Make a picture album of your upcoming memories! Are you perplexed? Allow me to demonstrate. Take out a picture book and leave the pictures blank. Instead, take a marker and make a list of the memories you want to have. As you travel together, make these memories, take pictures, and fill in the blanks.


Purchase Subscriptions For Date Nights

You\’ve most likely (certainly) heard about delivery boxes, but you won\’t be shocked to learn that there are date night subscription boxes. We\’ve seen long-distance partners order two subscriptions to the same date night box and open them together via a video chat. The couples then participated in the events as though they were in person. What a clever solution!


In Augmented Reality, They Will See Each Other

Although it isn\’t flawless, augmented reality is getting pretty strong these days. It\’s incredible because you can get a standalone augmented reality headset with high definition and hardware for less than $200. There is no need for a PC or a console.

This date night concept isn\’t the most cost-effective alternative on this list, and it\’s arguably one of the most difficult to pull off, but if you can get virtual reality goggles and \”visit\” each other, it\’ll be well worth it. Once there, you will do a variety of activities together, such as stream movies or videos on your virtual sofa. You may also go as far as exploring Google Earth together! Imagine flying across the Bahamas or \”climbing\” Mount Everest. Have a good time!


Plan a Game Night

A video chat allows you to play a variety of sports. You will play trivia, Jeopardy, Deal, or No Deal, among other games. Look for a website where you can play these games online against each other. Make a set of 3-5 games and play one of them before time runs out.

Alternatively, one of you can stream it while on a video chat, and you can also follow along while providing your responses/options. Bonus points if you both like the same snacks and will chat about how delicious the snack (that you choose together) is!


Take Them By Surprise!

What might be easier than meeting your lover in person while you\’re in a long-distance relationship? Take a ride to your partner\’s area and ambush them the next time you have some spare time and money! Don\’t inform them you\’re out, that you\’re on the way, or that you\’ve arrived. Arrive unannounced with a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates. It would be priceless to see their reaction.

So, what was your most inventive long-distance date night?

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