Guidelines for a Relationship Guest Post Blog

The Relation Status blog is one of the leading relationship and love blogging site platforms. People can think, explore and grow with our latest relation based blogs.

In short, Bloggers and article writers can use this platform as a tool to brand themselves. Moreover, It is a way you can show and share your relation and love experience with the people.

Are you interested in contributing to Relationship blog? If yes, we are currently accepting articles from writers who love to write. You can submit your article by email to us.

Consequently, What we expect your blogs and articles of relationship to be like: When it comes to relationship blog and guest posts your articles should be specific. Also, they should be applicable in such a way that the reader can implement them in their relationships.

What we are looking for in a Relationship Blog?

We are looking for passionate people who have a flair for writing. Can you write a captivating and informative quality article? This is the space for you to write. It doesn’t matter who you are. You can either be a beginner or an expert. We are here to deliver your ideas to the people.

Do you think that writing is something that drives you? If yes, we welcome you to write to us. You can become a contributor to our Relationship guest post blog.

Our regular readers are seeking informative and insightful information related to their relationship. They would come to us for information that inspires, educates and helps them to hoist their success flag high in the air. They would like to take their relation to the next level. The writers should be mindful about this during all their submissions.

What kind of relationship guest post blog you can submit?

You can submit to our guest post blog or website namely:
– Relationship

We invite people who are passionate about writing an article or blog on Relation Status. However, We have certain criteria for the same. A blogger or writer should be aware of it when he submits a guest post to us. They are a ‘must have’. Please read the following guidelines carefully. The chances of your blog getting published will increase consequently.

Guidelines for Guest Post Submission

Here are a few general guidelines that guest authors need to follow.

1. Article length should be within 500-1000 words.
2. Submit an original article that has not been published anywhere else ever.
3. We reject articles that are duplicate or blogs with spin content.
4. The article should be of good quality with proper grammar and sentences.
5. Links in the post must be relevant to the post.
6. We do not allow any affiliate links.
7. Should bear at least 1 image. The image size should be 1200×628 and more for featured images.
8. Include a short author bio of yourself.

In summary, We want to build a relationship level of content on our website.

Advantages of Guest Posting

Following are the main reasons why you should publish your articles on a blogging website like Relation Status:

1. Increase Search Engine visibility and Domain Authority
2. Increase quality traffic
3. Strong relations goal
4. Build Relationship
5. Relationship Advice

How to submit an article

You can email us at with the following information:

1. A short bio about yourself
2. Article
3. A relevant image
4. The E-mail subject should be “Guest Post Submission”.


Do you want to make your website more successful? Do you want to build your website? Do you want to rank your website better in search engines? If your answer to all these questions is a yes then submit your blog to our guest post. We can, therefore, help you to realize your dream.


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